Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Back from a long hiatus! Why do I leave things right before they get good, my apologies out there to all the folks who waited with baited breath for when I would return, but a little squabble with a publishing platform wont stop this machine! I will be doing crazy updates and get this blog on track for the readers because we all love it!


Bruno Pion said...

I was puzzled at something that we could not figure out and that you could probably figure out in a second. It is the strangest thing. I wanted to culture it, but my wife (a pathologist) begged me to throw it away, and would not have an agar dish full of unknows in our fridge with two little kids!
If you are curious and would like to help (thank you!), I would be more than happy to show a picture of the beast.
Best, Bruno.

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