Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update! Microbe Meetup, Can you Dig it??

Update: Ok so we have a GNCB oxidase neg, cat pos, with some bpolar staining and raised colonies associated with an appendectomy that does not present as an enteric pathogen. I have heard screams of setting up an API 20NE, but unfortunately came out with low selectivity! So I will help out of course we were going to set up a urea slant, TSI, simmons citrate, and motility here is what we got:

TSI: Acid over acid with no gas, and no h2s
Urea: Positive
Simmons: Negative
Motility: Non Motile

So far I have heard salmonella, shigella, but the gram stain would rule that out, and someone else emailed me with: The gram stain looks like a Y.pestis and the adentitis would be in line with that, however not really an enteric like pathogen.....hmmm sounds interesting, just for that maybe we will incubate everything at 25c to see what might come, you never know with these crazy bugs, check back tommorow for the results.


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