Monday, June 29, 2009

Microbe Meetup Can You Dig It?

A 12 year old child has been admitted to the ER with severe stomach pain, diarrhea, right side pain, fever, and slight adentitis. The doctors diagnosed with an appendicitis, and proceeded to remove the appendix of the patient. However, 48 hours after the surgery the patient's symptoms still had not subsided the blood cultures, and cultured appendix from the surgery still had not yielded results, and the stool cultures had no yield in terms of enteric pathogens. After 72 hours there was light to medium growth on Blood agar, chocolate agar, and maconkey agar, the colonies are non hemolytic, white, and look like a bulls eye on blood agar, and non-lactose fermenters on maconkey. The gram stain produces gram negative cocco bacilli with some stain retention at the polar ends of the organisms.

They are catalase positive, and oxidase negative.

Where do we go from here? Shout out some steps I will accept the top 3 suitable ones and give you a result in the incubator by wednesday (it is a slow growing organism, I swear I am not lazy!) But remember the famous quote "the devil is in the details!"


Anonymous said...

Vitek and API NE

Anonymous said...

Hello, My name is Debbie and I need help. I have a sister who hasa MRSA and VRE. I have researched both of the above mentioned bateria but tonight I came across VRSA. I am not a doctor nor even a nurse but have been forced into knowledge the hard way. I understand colonization and co-colonization but what I need is good hard facts ie; percentage of death and whatantibiotics are typically used. She had a double mastcectomy May 7th and now she has a 13" incision open. Docs have her on Vancomicin. Email any helpful info to

Anonymous said...

Im a 3rd yr MedTech student at FEU-NRMF, Philippines.

I say its Yersinia Pestis

Anonymous said...

I assume, it is Yersinia enterocolitica

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This cases are very interesting, because we are not a doctors and it's kind of worrying to, so like not a doctor person how we know what to do ? if the doctors can tell about this kid, what about us ?

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