Monday, June 22, 2009

Listeria possibly used as a drug delivery system!

A new study that uses genetically altered L.monocytogenes to deliver drug compounds, sounds promising, unless it turns everyone into zombies!
But seriously a very aggressive organism with the right amount of change can be used to help, which is something we are seeing all across the microbe world, even though one of the most prominent and commercially successful has been, botulism toxin matter what your views are there are ways to use these bugs for the greater good!
Here is a great picture of the classic umbrella motility present with l.monocytogenes compared with a negative control


Pión said...

me gustan estas mierdas verdes colocan mucho

Krzysztof said...

When it comes to using bugs for's nothing new. Decades ago (believe it or not), several scientists considered using viruses to battle bacterial infections. Ex: Person with bacteremia is injected with a bacteriophage. 24-48 hours later, the bug at the epicenter of the infection is lysed and destroyed. BUT...what happens to the virus? What are the long term effects?

Microman said...

We all become zombies

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