Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Post Goals and Whatnot

Hey all you microbiologists, interested parties, scientists and people who think they might be smart (just kidding!) I just wanted to start this blog so us nerds of the world have somewhere cool that we can go to talk about bugs, infectious disease, and all kinds of fun stuff that affects our lives and enables us to cure the sick and sound awesome in the process. Feel free to comment, feel free to hang out and have fun, but most of all participate and interact you will get something out of it.....and feel free to click on the ads hahahaha!!!

This blog will bascially start with something that I am tentatively calling the Microbe Meet, which will be a weekly (or whatever develops) practicum which will call upon you, the users, to identify the mystery bug or bugs that are posted. It will be in a variety of cool formats, but the one that I feel is most interesting is I will post a brief patient history or background story, followed up by initial culture results, maybe a stain or two and then the users (again you guys) hit it with all that micro knowledge. The end game being you have to identify and solve the mystery*(small disclaimer at the end). I know you are all thinking (all 2 of you who read this) why would I do work on my free time, well you are probably doing this at work anyway so why not make it legit and learn something.

So I thank you for stopping by, and don't forget to continue to drop by for all of your microbe world needs.

*(small disclaimer so I don't get sued) All practicums and Microbe Meets are completely fictional situations, all work ups, pics etc are from non clinical cultures, and all information presented is directly from literature, not from patient cases....there I hope that clears that up!


Krzysztof said...

My quorum sensing tells me this will be a great blog. Can't wait to see the first case.

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